6 things you need to know before you buy that RDP house


things about RDP houses

1.       Because RDP houses are usually the cheapest form of properties in the townships, it has become very easy for fraudulent estate agents and sellers to take advantage of desperate house hunters in need of affordable housing.
2.       The RDP house beneficiary must stay in the house for 8+ years before they can sell it.
3.       The RDP house has to have a title deed with the seller’s name before he/she can sell. You can check the status of the title deed at your nearest deeds office for a minimum fee of R 13.
4.       If the title deed is still under municipality, do not go ahead with the transaction!
5.       Ensure that all building extensions made to the RDP house were approved by the municipality
6.       The process of buying/transferring an RDP house from 1 person to another is not different from any other property transfer transaction. You do not deposit your money to the bank account of the estate agent or the seller, but to the trust account of the transferring attorney, whom will only transfer the money to the seller’s bank account after the transaction has gone through and successfully registered with the deeds office.

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