A domestic worker receives a 3 bedroom house as a gift from employer


*Source, all photos and video: YouTube and Facebook @Pamela Niemand Bossert

What an awesome way to start 2019, not only for Viola Mkhwanazi who got a 3 bedroom house in Riverside View (Fourways) from her employer whom she works for as a domestic worker but for all South Africans since we are surrounded by negative realities of racism and the disgusting treatment black employees have to endure from their employers – especially domestic workers.

Pamela Niemand (the employer) bought Viola Mkhwanazi (the employee) a brand new 3 bedroom house as a thank you gift for having being such a hardworking and dedicated helper to her and her family for 16 years.

Viola Mkhwanazi’s husband passed away and she had to be a single parent to 2 kids, Angelica her six year old girl and Mlungisi her ten year old son. Until now, they all shared a tiny 1 bedroom in Diepsloot so the lifestyle change they are experiencing now is heart warming.

As a domestic worker, banks would have never given it a second thought had she applied for a bond.
A 3 bedroom house in Riverside view costs R650 000. Add to that, property transfer costs R20 565. Bond registration costs R24 752 and without a deposit, her monthly repayments would have been R6 380 on a very rare 10.25% interest rate for a 20 year term. She never stood a chance. Look at her now, she owns a property that is worth more than half a million and she doesn’t owe any bank all thanks to her employer. That is only a dream to the majority of black South Africans, as putting food on the table in your 2 room RDP house is a struggle on its own. 

The act shows love, Ubuntu and appreciation. I personally have had my fair share of drama in the house help department so I know first hand that it is a blessing to find a dedicated helper, just as I think it’s difficult for a good dedicated helper like Viola Mkhwanazi to find a good deserving employer like Pamela Niemand.

With more positive acts like these, South Africa would be a much better place.

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