Exploring Nellmapius township in Pretoria | Property prices and lifestyle

Nellmapius township in Pretoria

Nellmapius library 

Have you ever wondered what it was like living in Nellmapius Township?

A township nestled in the eastern part of Pretoria on the out skirts of Mamelodi Township (10 km away) and just across the street from Willow Park. 7 km away from Silver lakes, 8 km away from Silverton, 8 km from Die Wilgers, 18 km away from Hatfield and 23 km away from Pretoria City

Nellmapius is loved by many who love the prefer the township lifestyle and those who are motivated by the affordable property prices as opposed to the suburbs surrounding it.

There is a mixture of bond houses and RDP houses, separated by sections. The one thing that stands out is the demand for affordable rental backrooms. Majority of RDP homes here have 4 or more neat backrooms that they are renting out making it an ideal area for a property investor looking for an affordable start-up rental house. The harmonious mix of different cultures and language speakers was another attraction for me.

The main sections in this area are:
1. Extension 1 – 15 years plus old bond houses with +- 300sqm stands
2. Bali Village - The newly developed section with Tuscan style bond houses, also a street away from extension 1 and Willow manor.
4. Extension 2 – RDP houses
5. Extension3 – RDP houses
6. Extension 4 – RDP houses
7. Extension 7 – RDP houses

The area with bond houses is owned by mostly young professionals and the RDP side is owned by mostly the older generation. I went there on a Saturday morning and the RDP side was full of life.

There is a flea market next to the taxi rank in extension 2 located in the RDP side and that was the busiest. Bali village, extension 1 with bond houses was more laid back; you could hardly see movement on the street apart from a few cars.
Nellmapius township in Pretoria

Public transport:
There is a Metrorail train and taxis:
1. Metrorail train. A ride to Silverton costs you R7, 50.A trip to Pretoria town and Hatfield costs you R7, 50.No trains to Silver lakes.
2. Taxis. A trip to Hatfield and Pretoria town costs you R18. A trip to mamelodi costs you R 10. A trip to Silverton costs you R18

Travel distance:
1. To Pretoria town: It took me 20 minutes driving via Silverton and there was no traffic.
2. To Silver lakes: it took me 12 minutes for me to get there.

Property Prices in Nellmapius Township:
RDP houses sell from R 380 000 + I think the prices are motivated by the very high demand in the area.

In 2017, a friend mine bought an investment house with an Erf size of 285 for R170 000 which is generating R5 000 monthly for her and in 2018 the RDP house prices sky rocketed. Another reason I think is the level of sellers who are willing to allow estate agents to get the right property valuation and sell their properties at the market value.

The trend in this area in the previous years was that: homeowners sold their RDPs privately without the knowledge of the actual value of the property. Most of them ended up selling at a giveaway price of under R 100 000 a couple of years ago and only found out at a later stage that their prices were actually too low.

Bond houses sell from R 600 000 + in Bali village, extension 1 and willow manor

Police station in Nellmapius Township:
The nearest police stations are in Silverton and Mamelodi.

Hospitals/clinics in Nellmapius Township:
There is a public clinic in extension 1 and the nearest public hospital is Dag in Mamelodi and nearest private hospital is Die Wilgers private hospital                                                   

Parks in Nellmapius:
There are a few parks here including the new Nellmapius Park in extension 4 which was already busy with groups of people chilling under umbrellas on a Saturday morning.
Nellmapius township in Pretoria
Nellmapius township in Pretoria

Community (Family-Fun) Centres:
There is a beautiful community hall/Library/Youth centre that caters for this community and it is just opposite the only taxi rank.

Nellmapius township in Pretoria

Shopping centres/malls:
There is a spaza shop every 100+ mitre with basic items like bread, milk, soap etc.
There nearest shopping centres and malls are at Mamelodi, Silver lakes, Silverton, Hatfield and The groove mall just before Die Wilgers private hospital.
What I did notice as well is an inspiring selection of thriving small business that sell anything from food to building materials.

Schools in Nellmapius Township:
1. There is a large enough number of pre-schools and day care centres in the area.
2. Jan Kotlolo in extension 4. Grade 1 to …. The school is strictly vernacular, that is, all subjects at this school are taught in vernacular and not English as we are accustomed to
3. Nellmapius Primary school in extension 1
4. Thuto Bohale secondary school
5. Vukuzenzele Primary School
6. Lethabong Secondary school
Churches in Nellmapius Township:
1. For his glory ministries
2. RJCC church
3. ZCC
4. AFM
5. Warship centre
6. New Apostolic church
7. Lutheran BaPedi church
8. St john church
9. The light Zionist church

Nellmapius township in Pretoria

Taverns and small businesses in Nellmapius Township:
1. Matlala’s tavern
2. Lebjaing
3. Leswika’s tavern
4. Ayobaness corner
5. Shuffles braai place
6. Meet bafanas
7. #Kwandebele
8. Pheka inyama catering
9. Broz co internet café
10. Mvuleni bottle store
11. Chilet Productions
12. Madesire tavern
13. Jomo’s tavern
14. Gogo’s tavern
15. Joe banana’s tavern
16. Black stone tavern
17. Downs pub
18. Reggies tavern

Nellmapius township in Pretoria

What I personally didn't like was the fact that there is no mall accessible within a walking distance and the taxi fare to and from Pretoria city is too steep. R18?

Full disclaimer: I am not related to or receive any freebies from any businesses and estate agencies I might have mentioned above, I just really wanted to inform all those planning on starting a life this side to get a feel of what the lifestyle this side is.

I hope you’ve found this neighbourhood snapshot helpful.  I truly love enjoyed my small talks with residents and tenants in the area. I really appreciate your assistance in putting together this post.

If I left out any important information or I didn’t list your business above, you can tell me about it via email duduzilegetty@allthingssaproperty.co.za or the comment section below

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