The inspirational, luxurious mansion that belongs to our very own power couple


Source: All photos instagram ( connie_ferguson and ferguson_film )

We have seen short clips and photos of the Ferguson’s, mansion and the amazing views from their first floor and all we can honestly say is “Perfection”

Connie and Shona Ferguson are South Africa’s most loved power couples. They have years of experience in the media industry and are also involved in other businesses like the luxurious body care range by our dearest Connie Ferguson to name a few.

With all their current glamorous life and achievements do you ever sit and remember where they come from? You should.

As we watch with envy, we should also look at the bigger picture (besides the biggest perfect home ) is a bigger hustle, years of hard work and dedication. Sacrifices they made in order to be where they are now. Remember they did not receive all these on the silver platter. All these are a symbol of their blood, sweat and tears.

So young child, let this small haven of a house motivate you to push as hard as they did or even harder and the results will be the making of thousands of mansions in different parts of South Africa.  

Much love for our inspirational power couple, they deserve all these and more


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