To re-upholstery or to buy new furniture?



We were faced with this question a couple of months ago when the cover on our 6 seater recliners decided to take an early retirement. Take into consideration that we spent a fortune on that set and it had a (GENUINE LEATHER) tag on it so we thought it was going to last at least 10 years promised on the advert.

To our disappointment, 2 years down the line, we began to see some funny cracks on our so called genuine leather. It was like we took it for a facial peeling treatment because once it started there was no stopping it. The peeling continued and grew bigger and bigger visible by day.

My then 2 year old obviously found this pretty cool, and assisted the peeling process by removing the top layers.

Then my husband and I were faced with a very important question; do we get rid of this monstrous looking items or do we try our luck with one of the upholstery shop in the city centre?

Deciding wasn’t easy because;
1.  The re-upholstery service is pricey, at least half the price of purchasing a new 1 if we wanted genuine leather.
2.  After our previous (GENUINE LEATHER) rip off, we didn’t know if we could trust some sales man telling us that he’s 100% sure that his is a genuine leather material.
3.  we were not sure we would like the new look after upholstery since they didn’t have our original chocolate brown colour so we’d have to go with the colour black.
4.  We were not sure that if we bought a brand new recliner, it would be the original leather this time and not the leather lookalike.
It wasn’t until we saw couches with a completely different material than what we had in mind on 1 of the most loved dramas on television that we decided to forget about our obsession with leather and go for beauty and class (that’s what we call our current material).

We also did a thorough research on good upholstery services and the one that came highly recommended was our go to area.
The amount of beautiful fabric choices we had was overwhelming, but because we already had our hearts on the classy and elegant brown material, we went for it.

I can now say that we love the post upholstery look more than the original fake leather look and we couldn’t be happier.


In closing: Our decision on whether to upholstery or buy new recliners was motivated by different circumstances and yours could be different.

Lesson learned here for leather lovers who don’t really know their way around it, get a trusted knowledgeable friend to help you make the right choice so you don’t end up buying a very expensive fake like we did.

If you choose to upholster for whatever reason, whether to change the colour of your interior colour combination or in a similar situation like what we had, find a really good upholstery company in your area especially for recliners as they can be damaged if the person you entrust them with is not experienced.

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