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Ideal dream homes

One of my hobbies is buying property  magazines to check out the latest designs and décor and I’m obsessed with checking out property listings from different local locations, even when I’m not planning on buying a property soon. That’s how I’ve always been for as long as I could afford to, and that generally means that I see so many properties with different shapes and sizes almost every day.

Naturally my idea of dream home changes with every beautiful home I come across on monthly, weekly or even daily basis sometimes, I know it might not make sense to some of you. The feeling I get when I drive past the amazingly beautiful house across the street on my way to a holiday destination and sometimes while browsing the net  cannot be described.

Ideal dream homes

The good thing though is that I don’t have a specific type of home that I prefer, today I’ll fall in love with a gorgeous apartment, tomorrow it’ll be a townhouse and it’ll be a full title house next. There’s just something I cannot explain about my idea of a beautiful property that just captures me regardless of the architectural style and I fall deeply in love.

One thing that never changes though in my ideal dream home is the size. Yes size does matter when it comes to my dream home and I’m unapologetic about it. The bigger the better. I love an open space, some space to breath and relax away from the busy work lives. 

My 2 favourite rooms in the house are:
1.       The kitchen. It has to be big enough for me to move around- even if I’m just boiling an egg, I need that freedom. A tiny kitchen that can hardly accommodate 2 people at the same time is a definite NO! NO! For me and it makes me so sad when I see the most gorgeous spacious house with the smallest kitchen- it really breaks my heart. I know that they sugar coat the small kitchen with words like, it’s open plan and the dining room and lounge area opens it up……NO! They don’t open anything up, a small kitchen is a small kitchen full stop and I don’t want it.
2.       The next one is the bedroom.   Now that must be clutter free, open and just allow me to want to lie down, close my eyes and forget about the bills and hectic schedules.

I think I got the dislike for small cluttered spaces from my dad. He always used to tell us how much he wished he was able to build us a bigger house instead of a tiny one we grew up in. He hated it so much he even had a nickname for it (askies-askies) an Afrikaans word which translates ( excuse me-excuse me) in English and that’s because, for you to freely move around the house, you had to say to the next person, please excuse me, move away so I can pass.
The good old days.

I will be sharing with you some of the properties that have captured my attention from time to time, hope you love them as much as I do

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