Do this if you want to keep your house plan drawing costs to a minimum


Planning the design of your new home or extension is exciting but can be very expensinve and overwhelming at times especially when you are not sure of the exact design and shape  you looking for.
Below are few things you can do to keep your house plan costs as low as they can possibly be.

1.      Do your research, browse property magazines and online portals to see new house plan designs and to get inspiration on how you can incorporate different designs into your own unique style. before you can ask the draftsman/architect to start with the drawings.

2.      Have your own sketches of the type of design you want no matter how bad you are at drawing before you ask the draftsman/architect to commence with the drawings.

It’s not always easy to explain exactly what you looking for to someone and that might lengthen the drawing period as your drafts man/architect will have to do certain changes after every meeting with you.

3.      During your planning stage, try to stay away from the boundary walls if you can. All municipalities have their own bylaws regarding this. Such conditions should be clearly stated  on your title deed, restricting you from building on top of municipal sewage pipes.

If you don’t have enough erf/land space and you really need to add that garage for example, be prepared for a very long wait because getting a building plan approval- if you do get it, for such a plan is a very lengthy one especially because you will first need approval from your neighbour.

4.      If possible, keep your plans with you for a while before submitting to the municipality for a while and see if you still love the choice you made in a month or 2, a lot can change in that period and you might see things very differently.

5.      Get your own copy of the title deed from your nearest deeds office.
Most draftsman/architects charge R500 + to acquire your title deed copy for you but if you opt to do it yourself, you will only pay R83 for your deed search and title deed copy at the deeds office.

6.      Don’t change your mind on the type of design you want after the plans have een submitted to the municipality for approval, this will result in you having to pay extra costs to both the house designer and the municipal office.

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